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Reporting Injuries to Cal/OSHA

April 25, 2022

Cal/OSHA continues to issue a substantial number of citations at California K-12 public schools, including schools in Sonoma County, for failing to report “serious” injuries, illnesses, and fatalities immediately.  “Immediately”…

​CDPH Health Guidance for Schools on Sports and Strenuous Activities During Extreme Heat

September 12, 2023

The California Department of Public Health provides essential guidance on handling extreme heat situations in schools. Understanding the associated risks is crucial with the rise of extreme heat events. Heat…

Model COVID-19 Prevention Procedures (CPP)  

July 3, 2023

Download the Model COVID-19 Prevention Procedures June 2023 (.docx) In California, all employers are required to establish, implement, and maintain an effective, written Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) program that…

Flooding, Closure, Shelter, & Evacuation Information – SoCo Emergency Readiness, Response & Recovery

January 5, 2023

Sonoma County Department of Emergency Management’s website offers updated information on flooding, shelter availability, evacuation status, and more. Visit their site to check: ► Current evacuation status of individual addresses►…