Cindy Wilkerson

Executive Director

Extension: 104

Diane Vieyra

Office Manager

Extension: 103

Sheri Reed

Administrative Resource Coordinator

Extension: 101

Lisa Johanson


Extension: 102

Employee Benefits

Elizabeth Matheny

Employee Benefits Supervisor

Extension: 120

Jodi Misi

Benefits Specialist II

Extension: 126

Angela Zimmerman

Benefits Specialist II

Extension: 129

Nichole Weaver

Benefits Specialist I

Extension: 124


Ronda Bergesen

Business Manager

Extension: 105

Environmental, Health, & Safety

Will Davis

Director of Environmental
Risk Services

Extension: 107

Kelly Cook

Senior Return
to Work &
Resource Advisor

Extension: 108

Christine Dektor

Environmental, Health,
& Safety Specialist

Extension: 110

Property and Liability

Sandy Manzoni

Property & Liability
Risk Manager

Extension: 106

Deborah Fraser

Property & Liability
Senior Claims Adjuster

Extension: 121

Workers' Compensation

Chris Spencer

Workers’ Compensation

Extension: 114

Suzanne Pelz

Claims Supervisor

Extension: 123

Channing Prewitt

Senior Claims Examiner

Extension: 125

Jenifer Letherman

Senior Claims Examiner

Extension: 113

Winslow Kelley

Senior Claims Examiner

Extension: 115

Madeleine LaBonte

Claims Examiner

Extension: 122

Leonor Calderon

 WC Claims System Assistant

Extension: 128

Gail Jordan

Claims Assistant II

Extension: 117

Taylor France

Claims Assistant I

Extension: 112

Deborah Keeran


Extension: 109