California Employers Required To Implement Workplace Violence Prevention Plan By July 1, 2024

Employers in California will be required to establish, implement, and maintain a written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan  (WVPP), as mandated by California Labor Code Section 6401.9. It’s important to note that there is no grace period for implementation, meaning employers must comply with these requirements by the specified date.

Additionally, employers are mandated to provide training on the WVPP to their employees by July 1, 2024, and annually after that. Cal/OSHA is the agency responsible for enforcing compliance with these WVPP requirements.

To assist employers in developing their WVPP, Cal/OSHA has published a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Template. This template uses a “fill in the blanks” format, utilizing questions and examples to help employers assess the risks in their workplaces and tailor the plan accordingly. It serves as a tool to guide employers through the process of creating a comprehensive WVPP that meets the legal requirements and addresses the specific needs of their workplace.

Additional details about Workplace Violence Prevention and resources can be found on the Cal/OSHA website.

To download the template and fact sheet, visit the RESIG EHS Department Occupational Safety Page or download the Model Workplace Violence Plan (.docx) and the Workplace Violence Prevention Fact Sheet For Employers (PDF) now.