Privacy Statement

RESIG values the privacy of our website users and our members. As part of our goal to be transparent we have listed the information we collect when you are using the RESIG website and what the data is used for. RESIG does not use any of the information you share with us or that is collected while using our website for any additional tracking, selling, advertising, marketing, soliciting, or studies. We do not license or sell any of our information to any third-parties.

Information We Collect

RESIG collects only two types of information, Google Analytics, and Contact Forms.

How We Use This Data

Google Analytics

Google Analytics data is used to improve user experiences on the website as well as to discover what information is most valuable to our users and members.

Google Analytics data is not shared with any third-parties for any purpose other than the improvement of the RESIG website.

Contact Forms

Contact Form data is only collected when you click the "Send Message" or "Submit" buttons. The data collected is will only be used to contact you in specific regard to your inquiry. Duplicate copies of your contact form submissions may be temporarily stored on our web server to ensure we receive your messages even in the event of an email outage. These duplicates are purged and permanently deleted periodically as part of our website maintenance.

RESIG Contact Forms are NOT secure and should never be used to send any private, medical, financial or other sensitive information.