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Vendor Bill Submission Guidelines

E-File Claims

RESIG accepts and encourages the use of electronic billing (e-bills), as this is the quickest way for providers to be reimbursed.

We use Work Comp EDI (WCEDI) as our e-bill agent

Our Payer ID is: CB890

WCEDI can walk you through how to submit bills to RESIG.  Alternatively, if you already have an e-bill agent or clearinghouse to handle your outbound e-bills, then that agent will be able to submit to RESIG through WCEDI via a trading partner agreement that the different clearinghouses have in place.

For assistance or questions, please contact us.

Claims can be mailed to:

5760 Skylane Blvd. Ste. 100
Windsor, CA 95492

Claims can be faxed to:

(707) 836-9479

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