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Enrollment, Coverage, & Changes

Answers to common questions about who can enroll, requirements, changes, opt-outs, level of coverage, and more.


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What is an HSA, who is eligible, limits, and more.

Who is eligible to participate in the benefit options offered by the district? 

Classified permanent or probationary employees who work a minimum of 20 hours per week; Certificated employees currently under contract and...

I have other coverage, is there an opt-out option available?

The Waiver of Active Benefit Enrollment (WABE) is effectively an opt-out option while upholding the program participation requirements. Employees who...

I am a SISC Blue Shield PPO plan member and will be receiving an outpatient procedure. What should be considered when selecting an outpatient facility?

How do I determine what kind of benefits I need?

This is an individual question based on your unique needs and lifestyle. To best answer this question for yourself, determine...

Can I make changes to my benefit selections?

Enrolled members may elect a different plan option during the designated Open Enrollment period for an October 1st effective date...

Am I required to enroll in benefits through the district? 

All probationary and permanent employees who work 90% or more of the full-time equivalent for the applicable job classification are...