Safety Incentive Funds

The purpose of the RESIG Safety Incentive Program is to provide districts with a funding source for safety related issues. Each RESIG member district is allotted a specific amount of Safety Incentive Funds determined by district payroll and ADA. The purpose of this document is to give member districts a general idea of appropriate uses for safety incentive funds. The intent of Safety Incentive Funds is to help fund programs, equipment and services to reduce injuries to students and staff. Routine maintenance items such as replacement of playground surfacing, broken furniture or equipment, roof repair, cost of hazardous materials disposal and items or services not directly related to the reduction of injuries and illnesses or property and liability losses cannot be funded with Safety Incentive Funds.

The following guidelines are not inclusive, however are intended to give districts suggestions of appropriate use of Safety Incentive Funds:


  • Safety committee activities, wellness programs, speakers, consultants, presenters, membership in safety organizations, publication of safety newsletters, etc.
  • Purchase, rental or production of safety DVDs, books, posters, bulletins, circulars, subscriptions, booklets, etc.
  • Cost of substitutes while staff attends safety training

Personal Protective Equipment/Injury Prevention:

  • Goggles, gloves, dust masks, hearing protection
  • Stepstools, safety vests, eyewash stations, dust prevention devices (HEPA vacuum shrouded equipment), exhaust systems, flammable storage cabinets, anti-fatigue mats, slip prevention mats or tape, first aid kits, yard duty, crossing guard and playground supervisor supplies (i.e., hand held radios for communication)
  • Installation of hardwiring in lieu of extension cords
  • Ergonomic supplies (keyboards, mice, chairs, etc.)

Site Security and Safety:

  • Installation of intrusion prevention devices (lockdown mechanisms, security lighting and cameras)
  • Installation of fire alarms or fire suppression systems (sprinklers)
  • Coating of glass with shatter resistant film or replacement of Plexiglas windows with non-flammable materials
  • Repair/replacement/installation of security latches on in-wall lunch table units
  • Installation of safety lighting in high trip hazard areas
  • Painting or highlighting hazard zones around doorways, steps, parking blocks, etc.
  • Installation of non-skid tape or other material for slippery ramps, steps, etc.
  • Correction of unsafe/dangerous conditions such as lifted sidewalks, installation of handrails, securing storm grates, replacement of vent screens with expanded metal, etc.
  • Temporary contracts for security personnel for patrols during high vandalism periods
  • Earthquake mitigation supplies such as to secure shelves, computers, etc.
  • Durable earthquake supplies such as stretchers, mega phones, tarps, triage supplies, walkie-talkies, etc. (earthquake preparedness foods would not qualify)


  • Employee safety awards programs including certificates, trophies, ribbons, prizes, etc.
  • Reward programs for arrest and conviction of vandals


If you have questions regarding the appropriate use of the safety incentive funds, please contact the Loss Prevention Department at 707-836-0779.