Be Wildfire Ready

Prepare and Prevent

Prepare & Prevent

Develop an Emergency Response Plan for Wildfire Season and

Establish criteria for mandatory evacuations of your facility.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

2023 RESIG Preparing Facilities for Wildfire Checklist (docx)

New & Updated September 2023
Designed to assist members in preparing and planning for wildfire season.

Sonoma County Schools Air Quality Guidance (PDF)

Intended to assist school districts in making decisions when air quality is poor. School closure is ultimately a district-by-district decision based on local conditions. These guidelines are provided on an interim basis until statewide guidelines can be established.

California State Fire Marshal - Fire Hazard Severity Zones

The Fire Hazard Severity Zone (FHSZ) maps are developed using a science-based and field-tested model that assigns a hazard score based on the factors that influence fire likelihood and fire behavior.

The State Fire Marshal is mandated to classify lands within State Responsibility Areas into Fire Hazard Severity Zones (FHSZ).

Fire Hazard Severity Zones fall into the following classifications:

  • Moderate
  • High
  • Very High

IIBHS Wildfire Readiness Guide

This guide by the IIBHS provides tips on property maintenance, building material recommendations, property improvement recommendations, and simple maintenance considerations for keeping a property safe from wildfire.

Cal OSHA - Protecting Workers from Wildfire Smoke Fact Sheet (PDF)

Cal/OSHA’s regulation T8CCR, section 5141.1, Protection From Wildfire Smoke, addresses the hazards workers may be exposed to from the small particles in wildfire smoke, known as PM2.5. This fact sheet provides an overview, not all of the requirements of section 5141.1.

Cal OSHA - Wildfire Smoke Hazards Fact Sheet (PDF)

Wildfire smoke can be a hazard for workers even when they are not close to a fire. The smoke contains very fine particles in the air, also called particulate matter (PM). Cal/OSHA has a regulation, section 5141.1, Protection From Wildfire Smoke, that requires employers to protect workers from unhealthy levels of PM2.5. This fact sheet provides an overview, not all the details of the section 5141.1 requirements.

Consider facility access restrictions for days to weeks and

develop a contingency plan for prolonged site isolation.

Recommended Viewing

Recommended Viewing

Preparing Your Business for Wildfire Season - Presented By ABD

Several guest speakers with expertise in wildfire prevention and insurance fields discuss best practices regarding preparing for and preventing wildfires. Presented by ABD Insurance & Financial Services.

Maintain primary and secondary emergency communication systems

as well phone trees and vital vendor contact information for
site clean-up and restoration