Prevention of Child Abuse Toolkit


RESIG, in partnership with Praesidium, strives to reach all educational staff and volunteers in the education and prevention of child abuse. Praesidium was started over two decades ago in response to a request from a youth-serving organization. RESIG has engaged Praesidium to gain their knowledge and access to a comprehensive array of products and services that allows Sonoma County School Districts to assess potential gaps in their educational foundation and implement best practices found within the Praesidium network to support the prevention of child abuse.

“To help you protect those in your care from abuse and to help preserve trust in your organization.”

stop it Solutions

Resig is partnering with stop it Solutions to protect our schools. stop it Solutions empowers students and employees to speak up about inappropriate behavior like bullying, misconduct, and mental health issues where they are most comfortable, their phones. The anonymous reporting program is used by thousands of schools nationwide to ensure student and school safety.

This round-the-clock incident monitoring service is no additional cost to Resig members. Visit the stop it Solutions website for full details.

If you need assistance with stop it Solutions, please contact the Loss Prevention Department.

we care

Together, our goal is to protect kids by educating K-12 schools on how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse. Protecting the children on our campuses is one of the most important tasks we face.

Child sexual abuse can be devastating and last a lifetime. Millions of dollars are spent each year to resolve claims and address the impact of abuse. For schools, that money is taken right from the classroom.

The we care program is a child sexual abuse prevention toolkit developed by CCAP, the Collaboration for Child Abuse Prevention, in conjunction with Diane Cranley, and expert in sexual abuse prevention. Together, our goal is to educate K-12 schools on how to recognize, prevent, and properly respond to child sexual abuse and, ultimately, to protect kids.

Access Training via Target Solutions

To meet our member’s training needs, RESIG has contracted with Target Solutions to provide online training content. In addition to standard safety training, available courses include Praesidium training modules, Mandated Reporter, WeCare modules, and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training for Staff and Supervisors. If you need assistance with Target Solutions, please contact the Loss Prevention Department.