Back Safe/Sitting Safe

Cumulative microtrauma injuries such as back, neck, shoulder, and knee injuries are expensive for a school district and debilitating for the injured worker. Microtrauma becomes cumulative when a staff member bends over hundreds of times each day or when they enter data for hours each day. To avoid these injuries and their associated costs, it is crucial to teach staff members how to adjust their movements or their workstations to prevent stress and strain. The FIT Back Safe and Sitting Safe programs combine theory and practical hands-on exercises to ensure staff members learn how to use their bodies safely at home and on the job.

Back Safe targets workers that are not sitting at a desk every day; perhaps they drive a bus, clean the school, maintain the grounds, or serve students nutritious meals. Regardless of their position, they are at risk for injury, and Back Safe will help them understand how to protect their body as they go about their day. Each Back Safe class includes a customized obstacle course, where employees can see and practice techniques that they can use immediately.

Sitting Safe targets workers that sit at a desk frequently, and are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and everyday discomfort. Sitting Safe attendees learn how to set up their workspace to fit their body, how to adjust their chair to ensure undue stress is not put on their back and stretches to counteract the effects of remaining in a static position for long periods of time. Both Sitting Safe and Back Safe are 2 hours long and can be offered in person at your school district. The Sitting Safe class can also be done online, on demand. To arrange a Back Safe or Sitting Safe class for your district or for more information, contact Christine Dektor.

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