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Add A New User To RESIG Website

Step 1.

While logged into the website (you ARE CURRENTLY logged in), navigate to the Dashboard by clicking the “RESIG” link in the upper left of your screen. Once there, under the left-side menu in the Dashboard, click “Users”. (Shown Below)

Showing "Users" option on the menu of the Dashboard

Step 2.

Once in the Users section, click “Add User” at the top of the page or in the left-side menu.

Once on user page, click "Add New".

Step 3.

To complete the “Add User” form fill out the following details:

  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Set a password now by clicking “Show Password” or allow the user to set a password later and ignoring “Show Password”.
  6. Set the appropriate Role (Listed further down this page).
  7. Click “Add New User” and you’re done!

Example of New Users Form


WordPress Roles

Editor –

Full control of all blogs, all events, the entire Knowledge-Base. Editors have full access to the entire website except any web design or development settings. This Role is for anyone that needs full access to all content on the website. Editors require no permission to create, edit, post, delete any post or webpages. Editors can also delete any photos, videos or audio content that has been uploaded or posted on the website.

Author –

Authors can post, edit or delete any of their OWN posts but they cannot access anything created by other users. Authors also CANNOT create, edit, post or delete any webpages from the website. Authors can only control the photos, videos and audio they have posted on the website themselves.

Contributor –

Contributors can write, edit and delete their own DRAFT posts but they cannot post (also called publish) any content to the live website viewable by the public. Any content created by a Contributor must be reviewed and/or posted by an Admin or Editor. Contributors CANNOT add any photos, videos or audio content to the website and will require help from an Admin or Editor to add these things to their posts.

Subscriber –

It is not recommended that any users be registered as a Subscriber. This role is only for allowing members of the public to have a “membership account” on the website, were RESIG using that feature. It is not and public registrations are CLOSED. Anyone expected to contribute content to the website should be a Contributor, Author, or Editor.