(Agenda) Joint Powers Board Meeting June 9, 2022

As authorized by the County of Sonoma Public Health Recommendation for Safely Holding Public Meetings, dated September 22, 2021, and Government Code section 54953(e)(1)(A), RESIG will conduct Board Meetings by video conference until further notice.

Time & Date

December 9, 2022

Meeting 9:00 A.M.

Video conferencing website address:


Members of the public may submit comments through email to sreed@resig.org or directly in real time through attendance at the teleconferenced meeting, during Public Comments, in accordance with Government Code section 54953. Public comments sent via email must be received prior to 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to the Board meeting in order for the comments to be provided to the Board. Please limit comments to 250 words or less. If you are unable to email a public comment, please call (707) 836-0779 ext. 101 prior to 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to the Board meeting for assistance.

Call To Order – President Matthew Reno

Following registration/roll call, the first raffle will be held. The second raffle will be held at the conclusion of the meeting. Must be present to win!

Approval of Agenda

Introductions and Recognitions

  • Recognize Director Ron Calloway of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, who will be retiring June 2022.
  • Introduce Cynthia Wilkerson—RESIG’s new Executive Director, effective August 1, 2022

Accessibility and Open Session Materials

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you are a disabled person and you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in this meeting, please contact RESIG at 707-836-0779. Requests must be made at least one full business day before the start of the meeting. Written open session materials distributed to the Executive Committee are available for public inspection at RESIG, 5760 Skylane Blvd., Windsor CA 95492 during normal business hours.

Public Comments

At this time, members of the public may address the Executive Committee regarding any items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board, to include items on this agenda; however, no action may be taken on off-agenda items unless authorized by law. Comments shall be limited to five minutes per person unless different time limits are set by the Chairperson, subject to the approval of the Board.


Consent Calendar

A. Minutes Approval—December 9, 2021

B. Quarterly Investment Reports as of:

  • December 31, 2021
  • March 31, 2022

The Board of Directors is being asked to accept RESIG’s Investment Reports.

C. 2022/23 Final Budget

The Board of Directors is being asked to consider approving RESIG’s 2022/23 Final Budget.

D. RESIG’s 2022/23 Workers’ Compensation Memorandum of Coverage and Underwriting Guidelines

The Board of Directors is being asked to accept RESIG’s Workers’ Compensation Memorandum of Coverage and Underwriting Guidelines. As part of the CAJPA Accreditation Program, these items will be reviewed on an annual basis.

E. Amendment to RESIG’s Program Document

  • Employee Benefits—Dental Plan Actuarial Study

The Board of Directors is being asked to consider approving the proposed amendment to the Employee Benefits Program Document for RESIG’s Dental Plan Program’s actuarial study.


F. 2022/23 Program Renewal Rates (Rose Burcina)

  • Property & Liability
  • Workers’ Compensatoin
  • Health
    • Blue Shield of CA
    • Kaiser Permanente
  • Dental

The Board of Directors will consider approving the 2022/23 Workers’ Compensation, Property & Liability, Health and Dental Program renewal rates, as recommended by the Executive Committee.

G. Executive Committee Elections (President Reno)

Effective July 1, 2022, there will be four Executive Committee seats up for election due to expiring terms and a retirement. The incumbents have expressed interest in running for another term as well as three member district representatives. An election will be held during the Joint Powers Board Meeting.



H. 2022/23 Officers (President Reno)

The Executive Committee will recommend a slate of officers for 2022/23 for consideration to the Board of Directors.

I. 2022/23 Staff Compensation (President Reno)

A recommendation from the Executive Committee, for a 5% salary increase across the board for RESIG Staff for the upcoming 2022/23 fiscal year, will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Report/Discussion and Possible Action

J. 2022/23 RESIG’s Meeting Calendar (Rose Burcina)

The Board of Directors will be presented with RESIG’s 2022/23 Meeting Calendar.

K. Polling Places (Sandy Manzoni)

An update will be provided regarding LEAs (Local Education Agency) opening their facilities as polling places, the language in the certificate of coverage and facilities agreements.

L. Executive Director’s Report (Rose Burcina)

The Executive Director will update the Board of Directors on routine information not included in the agenda.

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