(Agenda) Executive Committee Meeting August 24, 2023

Time & Date

August 24, 2023

Meeting 12:30 P.M.

Members of the public may submit comments through email to sreed@resig.org or directly in real time through attendance at the teleconferenced meeting, during Public Comments, in accordance with Government Code section 54953. Public comments sent via email must be received prior to 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to the Board meeting in order for the comments to be provided to the Board. Please limit comments to 250 words or less. If you are unable to email a public comment, please call (707) 836-0779 ext. 101 prior to 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to the Board meeting for assistance.Attendance

Executive Committee/Staff

  • Matthew Reno
  • Chris Vanden Heuvel
  • Greg Medici
  • Amy Prescott
  • Nathan Myers
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Cindy Wilkerson
  • Chris Spencer
  • Suzanne Pelz
  • Will Davis
  • Elizabeth Matheny
  • Sandy Manzoni
  • Deborah Fraser
  • Ronda Bergesen
  • Diane Vieyra

Administrators, Brokers, and Consultants:

  • Newfront
  • Alliant Insurance Services
  • Self-Insured Schools of CA (SISC)


Accessibility and Open Session Materials

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you are a disabled person and you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in this meeting, please contact RESIG at 707-836-0779. Requests must be made at least one full business day before the start of the meeting. Written open session materials distributed to the Executive Committee are available for public inspection at RESIG, 5760 Skylane Blvd., Windsor CA 95492 during normal business hours.

Call To Order – Matt Reno, President

Approval of Agenda

Introductions and Recognitions

Resig Staff Anniversaries:

  • Recognition of 15 years of service with RESIG—Christine Dektor and Kelly Cook

Public Comments

At this time, members of the public may address the Executive Committee regarding any items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board; however, no action may be taken on off-agenda items unless authorized by law. Comments shall be limited to five minutes per person unless different time limits are set by the Chairperson, subject to the approval of the Board.


Consent Calendar

A. Minutes Approval

  • Executive Committee Meeting—May 18, 2023
  • Executive Committee Meeting—June 15, 2023

B. Warrants Issued and Wire Transfers—June and July 2023

The Executive Committee is being asked to approve RESIG’s warrants and wire transfers, as summarized in the attached documents.

C. Property & Liability Claims Payment List

The Executive Committee is being asked to approve the Property & Liability Claims Payment List for claims settled over the settlement authority of RESIG’s management team.

D. 2022 Property & Liabiity Clams Audit Report

The Executive Committee will consider accepting the 2022 Property & Liability Claims Audit Report.

E. Routine Personnel Item

  • Letter of resignation due to retirement—Office Manager
  • Employment—Administrative Assistant

The Executive Committee is being asked to ratify the resignation, due to retirement, for the Office Manager, effective October 31, 2023.

F. Updated Legal Services Agreement with Spinelli, Donald and Nott

The Executive Committee is being asked to consider approving the updated agreement with Spinelli, Donald, and Nott, effective July 1, 2023, due to an increase in rates.


G. RESIG Staff—New Positions (Cindy Wilkerson)

  • Finance Director
  • Finance Clerk

The Executive Director will recommend the Executive Committee consider approving the two new positions and new job descriptions.

H. Resolution 23/24-01 Joint Powers Board Meeting (President Reno)

The Executive Committee is being asked to consider approving Resolution 23/24-01, with a roll call vote, designating the Joint Powers Board Meeting date to be Thursday, November 9, 2023.

I. Resolution to Authorize 23/24-02 PERS Requirement—Adoption of Annual Salary Schedule for 2023/24 (Ronda Bergesen)

The Executive Committee is being asked to consider approving Resolution 23/24-02, with a roll call vote, to ensure compliance with California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Section 570.5, and CalPERS.

J. Executive Committee Vacancies (President Reno)

Two Executive Committee members resigned at the end of the 2022/23 fiscal year. The Board will consider filling the two seats through appointment or at the next regular election in November 2023, in accordance with RESIG’s Bylaws.

K. RESIG Credit Card—Increased Credit Line Credit Card Policy #1.1.106 (Cindy Wilkerson)

The Executive Committee is being asked to consider approving a $10,000 increase, to a $25,000 credit line, and amending the corresponding policy #1.1.106, to facilitate with the operations of RESIG and its staff.

L. Employers’ Liability Claims Policy #1.3.201 (Cindy Wilkerson)

Changes to the General Liability Memorandum of Coverage, effective July 1, 2023, were presented and approved by the Board of Directors on June 15, 2023. The Executive Committee is being asked to ratify the changes to RESIG’s EPL Policy #1.3.201.

Report/Discussion and Possible Action

M. Next Executive Committee Meeting and 2023/24 Calendar Revisions (Cindy Wilkerson)

The Executive Committee will review, discuss, and confirm attendance and quorum for the next board meeting date of September 21, 2023 and revisit the 2023/24 Meeting Calendar for any conflicting dates.

N. Strategic Plan Update (Cindy Wilkerson)

Updates to the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Executive Committee for review and discussion.

O. Executive Director’s Report (Cindy Wilkerson)

The Executive Director will present and discuss current events and information with the Executive Committee.

Board Communication

  1. SPA Minutes—May 24, 2023
  2. BASIC Minutes—June 5, 2023; June 29, 2023, and July 21, 2023
  3. Standing Item: This is an opportunity for the Executive Committee to share and/or request information.

Adjournment to Closed Session

Closed Session

Adjournment to closed session during this meeting to consider and/or take action upon the following items:

With respect to every item of business to be discussed in closed session pursuant to Section 54956.9:

1. Conference with Legal Counsel—Existing Litigation

  • Wright School District—Claim #2020-045, West County Transportation Agency—Claim #109, Rincon Valley Union School District—Claim #2020-094

2. Conference with Legal Counsel—Anticipated Litigation:

  • Santa Rosa High School District—Claim #2023-075

3. High Value First Party Property Damage

  • Santa Rosa High School District—Claim #2022-030

4. High Value Property & Liability Claims Review

5. Public Employee Appointment—Finance Director

6. Public Employee Appointment—Finance Clerk

Return to Open Session:

The President will report on any action taken in closed session