On September 1, 2000, RESIG established the Redwood Empire Schools’ Care Quest (RESCQ) hotline in an effort to reduce crime against students, staff, and school property.

Our goal is to reduce violence in our schools and provide greater protection of our students, staff, and community by way of this communication vehicle intended to aid in the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of individuals responsible for contemplating or committing acts of violence against our school.

The RESCQ hotline provides a 24-hour confidential communication for students or community members to report incidents or individuals involved in crimes against our schools. We have a dedicated phone line, 707-232-8107, which records calls from students or community members reporting threats and acts of crime against students, staff, and facilities.

The program development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring involve a community effort by RESIG Board and staff, school personnel, school support groups, law enforcement agencies, and the Sonoma County business community interested in supporting this public education project.

How It Works

When the toll-free number is called, it automatically pages RESIG staff for review of the call. Messages and information received on the RESCQ hotline are passed on to the appropriate school/district personnel for investigation and handling and, if appropriate, will notify law enforcement authorities for investigation and recovery purposes.

Should calls result in the apprehension of those responsible for crimes or conspiracies against Sonoma County schools, RESCQ provides rewards of up to $1,000 to the reporting party. Rewards are provided through RESIG Safety Funds.

How To Get Involved

RESCQ provides 11 X 17” posters to schools to display on campus with an overlay of the school name displayed. In addition, posters are available to be made for acts of vandalism, violence, or threats against our schools.

For more information, please contact Deborah Fraser: 707-836-0779 ext. 121 or contact our department via the Contact Page.