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Reporting Serious Injuries and Illnesses to Cal/OSHA

August 22, 2020

Cal/OSHA continues to issue citations at California K-12 public schools for failing to report “serious” injuries, illnesses, and fatalities immediately.  “Immediately” means reporting the incident to the nearest Cal/OSHA District Office as soon as possible but not longer than 8-hours after the employer has knowledge of the event or with diligent inquiry would have known of the serious…

Cal/OSHA Urges Employers to Prepare to Protect Workers from Unhealthy Air due to Wildfire Smoke

July 28, 2021

Oakland—Cal/OSHA is urging employers in California to be prepared to protect workersfrom unhealthy air due to wildfire smoke. When workers might be exposed to unhealthyair from wildfires, California’s protection from wildfire smoke standard requiresemployers to take steps such as changing the location of work operations, modifyingwork schedules or providing proper respiratory protection like N95 respirators.…

Cal/OSHA High Heat Advisory: Employers Reminded to Protect Outdoor Workers from Heat Illness

July 9, 2021

Oakland —Cal/OSHA is reminding all employers to protect outdoor workers from heatillness as excessive heat warnings and watches have been issued throughout the state,with triple digits forecast through Monday, July 12. Employers in California must takesteps to protect outdoor workers from heat illness by providing water, rest, shade andtraining. Cal/OSHA’s heat illness prevention standard applies…