Return to Work Program for EHS

Getting back to work is an important step in recovering from a work-related injury or illness. It means you are returning to a normal pace in life. Research shows that returning to work has important health and well-being benefits. An early return to work and activity helps prevent long term disability and improved the likelihood of you continuing to improve and return to full work duties.

RESIG’s Return to Work Program can assist you in returning to work quickly and safely after a work related injury/illness. Although you may not be able to perform your regular full duties, often you can still perform alternative productive work while recovering fully from your injury. This process benefits everyone involved. Workers benefit from a more rapid and complete recovery. Employers benefit by a reduction in the length of time the employee is away from work and Medical Providers benefit by having another tool to utilize in aiding employees with their recovery.

Your Responsibilities While Participating in The Return to Work Program

• Perform work safely and follow your work restrictions
• Provide your employer with updated “work status slips” after each doctor appointment
• Attend scheduled doctor and physical therapy appointments
• Communicate with your supervisor if:
• You experience difficulty or pain while performing your modified duty
• You miss time due to scheduled medical appointments
• You are unable to report for work
• Let your supervisor know how you are feeling and how you are progressing

You Play An Important Role. You Make a Difference. You Are Valuable. You Belong To A Team

Be an active participant in your return to work and recovery. No one else can do you recovering for you. Make the most of your medical treatment by following through with the treatment plan, practice any prescribed stretches/exercises. Attend your medical appointments and comply with your work restrictions. Ask questions -it’s okay!


Contact Our Return To Work Specialist

Kelly L. Cook, CPDM, CEAS
Senior Return To Work Specialist & Ergonomic Advisor
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