Property & Liability

RESIG’s Property and Liability Department’s goals include education, early response, comprehensive investigation, thorough evaluations, litigation management, and a prompt, fair and equitable settlement with the districts’ involvement.

The districts’ responsibilities include: timely reporting, preservation of evidence, sound record keeping, and the full cooperation of essential district employees.

Please let RESIG know at once if there is a serious injury or accident or if the district receives a claim or lawsuit in order to conduct a proper investigation as soon as possible. RESIG will not know if there is an accident, claim or lawsuit unless notified by the district.

Property and Liability Department can be accessed for injury, vehicle, and property loss report forms. The department is responsible for property appraisals and issuance of Certificate of Liability insurance.

Remember to complete the appropriate form in the event of an incident or accident, but member districts should not hesitate to contact RESIG first. For more information, please contact Deborah Fraser: 707-836-0779 ext. 121.