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RESIG is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that is managed by a Joint Powers Board.

Each member district of RESIG has a Board resolution adopted to identify the positions or individuals who are the voting representatives to the RESIG Joint Powers Board. Each member district has an official representative and an alternate who may represent their district on actions of the Joint Powers Board. Some of the key responsibilities of this Board are to:

  • Elect a seven member Executive Committee who shall be the officers of the Board.
  • Determine RESIG Programs, Retention Levels and Set Rates
  • Authorize Staff Positions and set Compensation/Benefit levels
  • Declare Program Dividends or make Rate Assessments if necessary
  • Approve New Members
  • Joint Powers Agreement Bylaws

Executive Committee

This is a seven member Committee of the Board established to provide ongoing operational oversight of the RESIG JPA. The Executive Committee typically meets on a monthly basis and is charged with the following key responsibilities:

  • Hires staff authorized by the Joint Powers Board.
  • Evaluates the Executive Director and provides program direction.
  • Develops programs for consideration of the Joint Powers Board.
  • Responsible for development of recommendations to the Joint
  • Powers Board for Program Retention Levels, Rates, Dividends,
    Membership, positions and compensation.
  • Approval of Contracts for Consultants, Brokers and Administrators
    managing RESIG Programs.
  • Provides direction to staff for claims handling and approval of
  • Establishes Program and Operational policy for programs and staff.


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Following the passage of Proposition 13 in California in 1977 a Countywide committee of School District Superintendents and Business Officials came together to begin studying ways to control the increasing costs of insurance rates which up until then could be passed onto the taxpayers for recovery of premiums. The idea of forming a county-wide insurance joint powers agency to self fund or group purchase coverage evolved and the concept of the Redwood Empire Schools Insurance Group was born.

RESIG began on July 1, 1979 as a Joint Powers Authority for Self-Insurance of Workers' Compensation Coverage for the public school districts of Sonoma County. The organization evolved to provide self-funded programs for Workers' Compensation, Property, Liability and Dental benefits, and the group purchase of both HMO and Indemnity Health Benefit Programs.

In addition to providing these coverage programs RESIG provides internal claims management of its Workers' Compensation and Property & Liability programs and provides loss control services to all 47 Public School Districts and several Charter Schools.

The first staff to begin the internal management of RESIG programs began in 1984. With the evolution of RESIG for districts in Sonoma County, staff became involved with statewide pooling organizations and was involved in the development of the Schools Excess Liability Fund, providing excess coverage for California schools and the Bay Area Schools Insurance Cooperative, providing joint pooling for schools in multiple Counties. RESIG staff continues to provide strong leadership throughout California working on statewide boards, and committee's promoting excellence in risk management for schools and other public entities.

RESIG has often been recognized as one of the leading Risk Management Joint Powers Authorities in California and many of its programs, policies and procedures have been used as models for public entity JPA's throughout the state.